SOLA exists to transform collegians with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to have a high view of God's Word, to love the Local Church, and to live out His Commission and Compassion.  






The SOLA Conference began in 2012, when four local churches in Southern California gathered together with a vision to impact the collegiate generation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our first conference was held at Living Hope Community Church with the theme: The Gospel Worldview. Our guest speakers were Dr. Stephen Um of City Life Presbyterian Church and Harold Kim of Christ Central Southern California who preached on the comprehensive power of the Gospel. The following year, our conference theme was Gospel Zeal and our guest speakers were Dr. Erik Thoennes of Grace EV Free and Richard Kim of Gospel Life Mission Church who exhorted collegians to live passionate lives for Christ. As our conference and network continued to grow, we moved our location to New Life Community Church and invited Kevin DeYoung of University Reformed Church and Paul Kim of Redeemer San Diego to speak on the topic of sanctification under the theme: Becoming what we Behold. In 2016, our theme was Light After Darkness, and our guest speakers were Chris Brown of North Coast Church, Alex Choi of Sovereign Grace LA, and Harold Kim of Christ Central who spoke on the Redemptive power of the Gospel. We are excited to celebrate our fifth conference on the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Our guest speakers are Joshua Harris, Ryan Kwon of Resonate Church, and Steve Lee of Living Hope Community church as they speak on the theme: Here we Stand | Always Reforming.

What began as a collaboration between four founding churches has, by the grace of God, evolved into a network that has impacted the lives of thousands of collegians in Southern California over the last five years. SOLI DEO GLORIA.


For more information regarding our leadership team and ministry, please visit us at www.sola.network